About Keith Monks and what we do!

What is "Precision Record Cleaning" ?

  • A tiny precise suction tip, scanning across the disc a little at a time, removing every last trace of contaminated fluid - especially the mold release oils from the pressing stamper.  Noise reduction is of course important, but removal of oils and residues is the biggest benefit of "proper" record cleaning.

  • Removing oils from outgassed materials and excess mold release agents from the original manufacturing (newer audiophile pressings being a prime example) allows the stylus to track the groove more faithfully, optimising the clarity of sound, and allowing the rest of your wonderful system to really sing.

  • Precision Record Cleaning restores and preserves your treasured records and also your precious stylus

  • Safe, proven method and results

  • Yes, "miracles do take a little longer" ... but longer makes perfect.  And with the auto shut off (Redux, microLight) or drop-down suction wand (Prodigy) for unattended cleaning, you really won't notice.

Zero Recontamination

  • The teaspoon of fluid per record side is vacuumed away and never reused.  No build up of oils in the reservoir tank and fluid, no damp pads redepositing contaminated fluids - your 100th record, just as clean as your first.

  • We urge you, please - check out any other cleaner, and think about how it works ... no other technique or brand can avoid these problems, or rightly claim such consistency and performance. 

  • Precision Record Cleaning cannot be done cheaply by cutting corners, nor by using "non-audio" industrial tech, microwaves and gadgetry ... this is why the Keith Monks remains uniquely, Keith Monks.

Which Keith Monks cleaner ?

  • Prodigy is our compact entry level cleaner, opening up the Monks Method to audio customers on even a modest budget.  It takes a little longer but it's worth the wait, and looks and works great at home or in a small store wanting to offer customers a quiet, effective record cleaning service

  • The microLight is just 16.5" 42cm wide and also quiet - very well suited for in store customer DIY record cleaning, or fits and beautifully blends in (and lights up) any room in your home.  It has everything from the Redux except the built in wash system.

  • If you have a little more space and want more speed and convenience in a unit styled and equipped for the true audiophile, the Redux has everything including the pro Monks medical suction pump and the wash system built in - makes really light work of it especially if you have a lot of records to get through.  It's also the quietest Monks ever.

  • All Monks machines deliver the technique, benefits and results of the professional Keith Monks broadcast standard system ... originally developed with the BBC ... combined with most if not almost all the automation of newer technology cleaners but takes less than half the time ... and for as low as a fraction of the price.  Safely.  And with the new unique Threadless point suction system for even drier records.

Unique advantages of owning and operating a Keith Monks

So many choices ... so why a Keith Monks ?

  • Worried about safety or recontamination from wet pads, newer 'tribute' brands or ultrasonic microwaves ?  Relax: use the same system the Professionals use.  The Keith Monks is the only brand and technique trusted and approved by all the world's major sound archives including the British Library and US Library of Congress.

  • We really do know record cleaning!  Half a century on from inventing the world's first electric record cleaner, the Keith Monks is in many ways still unique, and remains the state of the art standard by which all others are judged.

  • Benefit from decades of experience - run by people not only dedicated to quality, but also genuinely passionate about our music.

  • Reveal the true sound and high value hidden away in all your records.

Starting a record cleaning service to bring in more customers?

You've just found the perfect machine!

· Want to attract high end record buyers through your doors - and keep them coming back?  Look no further than the Keith Monks.

· Compact, quiet, automatic, speedy, easy to use ... the Keith Monks solution is unique: the most perfect machines for high end audio hi-fi and record shops wanting to offer a customer DIY record cleaning service in-store

· Easy self service operation - no staff time needed

· Simple 3 stage operation shown on LED illuminated panel - built into the front of the microLight, and framed in the point of sale display available for Prodigy.  Advertises the cleaning service, and shows customers what to do.

· Customers start it up - then while they wait for the cleaning to auto stop, can go browse your records, accessories and equipment

· Both sides of an LP Precision Cleaned in around 3 minutes (microLight) or 5 minutes (Prodigy)

· SuperSilent - won't disturb your customers - or you !

· Boost resale prices on your best vinyl stock

· Restore well loved and poorly stored gems to premium value

· Use (and sell) Keith Monks discOvery all natural cleaning fluids and precision cleaning brushes, Pyr/\Mat StayClean mats, and Eco|Roller manual cleaning kits

· Unique attraction and revenue stream: bring in new customers - and keep them coming back 

​· The original record cleaning system, developed with the BBC and tried and trusted for half a century by the British Library and US Library of Congress - in Your store !

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