Keith Monks Accessories

Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluids

Best-ever deep cleaning from your Machine – yet contains no alcohols or artificial chemicals, just pure natural biodegradable ingredients.

Keith Monks discOvery33/45 - Natural Precision record cleaning fluid for vinyl records


Keith Monks discOvery78 - Natural Precision record cleaning fluid for 78s and other shellac records


Keith Monks discOvery BreakTheMold - pre-wash concentrate spot cleaner / stylus cleaner / system flush:

- Treats mold (mould) build up on all poorly stored records plus any extra stubborn sticky marks and stains

Work manually into the affected area, then wash and dry as normal

- Effective stylus cleaner: apply (carefully !) using Eco|Roller

- System flush: vacuum 3 tbl spoons through your system monthly to keep all tubes and fittings clean

Precision Record Cleaning Brushes

Wet-clean brushes with unique ultra fine tapered bristles for best-ever deep cleaning of all types of records.

As used on the professional Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machines.


  • Keith Monks discOvery7 - cleaning brush for 7" records (45rpm singles)

  • Keith Monks discOvery10 - cleaning brush for 10" records (LPs and 78s)

  • Keith Monks discOvery12 - cleaning brush for 12" records (LPs and 12" singles)

record cleaner, record cleaning machine, vinyl record collection, discoveryone
record cleaner, record cleaning machine, vinyl record collection, discoveryone

Pyr/\Mat Stay-Clean Precision Record Cleaning Turntable Mats

Keep your records clean - while they're being cleaned !

The unique Pyr/\Mat supports the disc on the tips of an array of mini 'pyramids'.  Dust from an unclean record side falls away into the gaps inbetween the pyramids.

Stops the just-cleaned side getting recontaminated with dust when you flip over, and made slightly undersize to stop excess fluid spreading underneath the disc rim.
3 sizes for 7”, 10” and 12” records.


  • Keith Monks Pyr/\Mat7 - record cleaning mat for 7" singles

  • Keith Monks Pyr/\Mat10 - record cleaning mat for 10" LPs and 78s

  • Keith Monks Pyr/\Mat12 - record cleaning mat for 12" LPs and 12" singles